Well, that depends. Who are you? A lover, a maker, or a believer?

Fashion Footprint promotes fashion brands who make conscious decisions in a challenging industry.


Behind the billboards, the fashion industry is made up of talented, hard working individuals with compelling stories to tell. Fashion Footprint looks behind the scenes and brings you their stories.


Our Projects

We are teaming up with fashion brands and producers to create sustainable projects that address local needs

and make a positive impact in the communities where the production takes place.


Contact us if you would like to partner with us on a community project.


Our multidisciplinary team merges expertise from areas as diverse as international affairs, development cooperation, sustainability, visual arts, technology, design and media to achieve our common goal.

Mariam Naqvi


Namik Mackic


Christian Wick


Kjetil Hasselgård


Mariam is an experienced Norwegian diplomat turned social entrepreneur. As a diplomat, she served at Norwegian missions to Tokyo, Brussels and Sarajevo as well as at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo. She established Fashion Footprint in 2014 after an experience in Sarajevo that changed the course of her life and career. Mariam lives in Oslo with her husband and three children.


Namik is a researcher and strategic consultant currently based at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He focuses on the development of platforms for civic engagement in urban and environmental governance, from local to translocal scale. His current research involves sites/communities in the USA, Mexico, Chile, India, and Indonesia.



Linda Sande


Magne Gisvold

Digital media

Diogo Valerio

Business development

Linda is one of the most experienced and respected stylists in Norway. She is also deeply engaged in the social and environmental challenges facing the fashion industry and tries through her work, whenever possible, to contribute to improving social standards in the industry.


Oda Sofie is a designer working at Int., our interactive business development partner. She works with the combination business development and aesthetics, with focus on brand identity and web.

Oda Sofie holds a graphic design degree from Westerdals Oslo ACT.

Magne has a broad experience of digital and social media, being a netizen since '94, and professionally since 2001. He has provided content and utilized platforms within national media corporations, advertising agencies, the public sector and the fashion industry.

Diogo has more than 16 years' experience in the design industry and with understanding how design shapes people's lives and businesses. He advises businesses that cross the intersection of technology and the creative industries. Diogo is a founding partner and Business Design Director at Int.

brands & partners


Fashion Footprint Transparency Tool

As a consumer, you make choices every day. Fashion Footprint lets you use your smart phone to connect directly with the makers of your clothes through an interactive, audio-visual experience. Learn how your shopping decisions affect the lives of people around the world and how you can make choices that leave a positive Fashion Footprint.


Many brands and producers follow high standards of production and business practices.  Use this as your market advantage -  promote your products though the Fashion Footprint Transparency Tool to show your consumers how your business leaves a positive Fashion Footprint in the communities where you work.


The Transparency Tool is currently under development.


Fashion Footprint Programme

Brands and producers can apply to join the Fashion Footprint programme and obtain an instantly identifiable label related to compliance with internationally recognised standards and production methods. Show your consumers how you make business choices that leave a positive Fashion Footprint.


Kjetil Hasselgård has worked as a photographer for over 10 years, and is known for his strong portraits and beautiful lighting. He tries to be among the best in his field of work, to achieve quality and success in a constantly evolving industry.







Christian has over 13 years experience in building complex and high performance online solutions, as a senior consultant and project manager in the areas of system development, -monitoring, and project evaluation.







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Oda Sofie Granholt


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a fresh start

Project Sy Rom

once upon a time

Roma retraining project with The Church City Mission in Norway and Håvarstein Couture. The Sy Rom project retrains Roma women who have come to Norway from Romania in search of a better life, but who found themselves begging on the streets to make ends meet.
By learning to sew for Norwegian fashion designers,
they rediscover their talents and are given a fresh start.





Creating livelihoods


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Fashion Footprint Social Community

Fashion Footprint digital platform connects fashion believers to share news, opinions and create partnerships for inspiration  - showing that it is possible for fashion to leave a positive footprint. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and become part of a growing movement!






Fashion Footprint Projects

Fashion Footprint will partner with fashion brands to

co-create community projects that make a difference in people’s lives and leave a positive Fashion Footprint. Read more about our projects below.



The fashion industry is the world’s fourth largest industry, with ever increasing global consumer demand. Over 60 million workers worldwide are directly employed in the industry, most of them  in developing countries. Fashion production has a noticeable impact on social, economic and political processes. Through your choices, you can be part of a fashion movement that changes the world in a direction that benefits us all.

At Fashion Footprint, we believe in addressing
complex global challenges by harnessing the collective power of our individual actions. Our modern world is more interconnected than ever before. The decisions we make in our day to day lives directly affect the lives of people in distant places. Fashion Footprint wants to help you make the right decisions and show, through human stories, the positive difference your actions make.

A journey starting from nature, travelling through creativity and inspiration, craftsmanship and tradition, dreams and personal aspirations. Journeys revealing stories about the world we live in. In the past, you knew who your tailor was, or who repaired your shoes. Today, these human stories are no longer visible. Through the use of smart phone technology, Fashion Footprint aims to create an interactive platform that can reconnect fashion consumers to the nature and people behind their clothing and bring
these stories back to life.



have made a fascinating journey.